AnyRoR 7/12 Gujarat: Check Gujarat 7/12 Land Records Online


The reliable portal for checking land information in Gujarat online is AnyROR Gujarat. It was launched by the Gujarat revenue department. Any Records of Rights Anywhere in Gujarat is the full name of the initiative. On this site, you can also get ROR, land report Gujarat certificate (Jantri), and so forth. Read below to get accurate information related to AnyROR Gujarat.

What is AnyROR 7/12 Utara Gujarat?

The government of Gujarat has made it less difficult for nearby residents to get access to land file details by an internet portal. This initiative gets rid of the need for people to attend in long queues at government places of work for their land data. The online platform, known as Gujarat bhulekh, not only streamlines the procedure however also reduces the possibilities of fraudulent land transactions in the country.

Through this online portal referred to as ‘Any ROR @ Anywhere,’ you can check Gujarat bhulekh, Khatauni number, achieve a copy of the Khatauni, and different vital info. The services on this platform are specifically designed to offer convenient access to Gujarat land information online.

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Vision and objective of AnyROR Portal?

The main objective of AnyROR Gujarat portal is to administrate the land records. It becomes set up with several objectives, consisting of

  • Updating rules to serve the converting needs of citizens
  • Simplifying the way of availing exceptional services
  • Promoting an obvious management
  • Enhancing the performance of land administration
  • Increasing the response and commitment of staff

Benefits of AnyROR Gujarat Portal

The advantages of AnyROR Gujarat Portal

  • Online Land Information: Easily get access to information about your land from home by the portal.
  • No Fees: The Gujarat Bhulekh Portal is free for acquiring land info.
  • No Physical Visits: No need to visit any branch or work for land document information.
  • Transparency Promotion: Anyror Gujarat portal fosters transparency among the government and citizens.
  • Accurate and Original Records: Obtain information on their accurate and official form through the portal.
  • Centralised Information: All necessary info is available on the online portal of the Gujarat Revenue Department.
  • Time and Money Saving: Save both money and time by getting access to information easily online.

List of Services Offered at AnyROR Gujarat

Some of the crucial Services Provided by means of AnyROR Gujarat are as follows:

  • Revenue Case Details
  • 135-D Notice for Mutation
  • Old Scanned VF-6 Access Details
  • Old Scanned VF-7/12 Details
  • VF-6 Access Details
  • VF-7 Survey No Details
  • VF-8A Khata Details
  • Integrated Survey No Details
  • Access List by Month-Year
  • Know Survey No. By Owner Name
  • Nondh No. Details
  • Know Khata by way of Owner’s Name
  • New Survey No from Old for Promulgated Village

Types of land records available on this portal

Here are the various types of land information that you may find on the AnyROR Gujarat platform:

  • VF-6 (Village Form 6): It includes the everyday adjustments in the land information, and the village accountant or talati continues the info
  • VF-7 (Village Form 7): Also known as Satbara Utara or 7/12, it includes records about the survey number
  • VF-8A (Village Form 8A): It includes information at the Khata
  • 135-D: When person applies for mutation

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How to Check 7/12 AnyRoR Rural Land Record in Gujarat?

The step-by-step guide of checking the 7/12 rural land records in Gujarat is given below.

  • To check the land registry online, you need to open the official internet site of the Revenue Department of Gujarat.
  • After that, you need to click “View Land Record-Rural” from the home page of the website.
AnyRoR Rural Land Record in Gujarat
  • Now you need to select one of the given options-
  1. Old Scanned Vf-7/12 Details
  2. Old Scanned Vf-6 Access Details
  3. Vf-7 Survey No Details
  4. Vf-8a Khata Details
  5. Vf-6 Access Details
  6. 135-D Notice For Mutation
  7. New Survey No From
  8. Old For Promulgated Village
  9. Access List By Month-Year
  10. Integrated Survey No Details
  11. Revenue Case Details
  12. Know Khata By Owner Name
  • Enter district, village, survey number, owner name, and other details in given fields.
AnyRoR Rural Land Record in Gujarat
  • Click “get information,” and information will appear on the screen

How to Check 7/12 AnyROR Urban Land Record in Gujarat?

If you want to check urban land records through anyROR Gujarat, then here are steps you need to follow

  • To check the land registry online, you want to open the online internet site of the Revenue Department of Gujarat.
  • After that, you need to click on “View Land Record-Urban” from the home page of the internet site.
Urban Land Record in Gujarat
  • Now you want to select one of the given following details
  • Survey No. Details
  • Nondh No. Details
  • 135d Notice Details
  • Know Survey No.
  • By Owner Name
  • Access List By Month-Year
  • Enter “District,” “Survey the Office, City,” “Ward,” “Survey No”, “Sheet No”, “Nondh No. – Nondh Date”, “Owner name,” and “Month and year,” as requested at the display.
  • Fill captcha code and tap on “get detail” option
Urban Land Record in Gujarat
  • Information will show on the display screen.

How to Check Revenue Case Details on AnyROR Gujarat Online?

You can follow the steps to check revenue case info on AnyROR Gujarat:

  • Navigate to the official internet site of AnyROR Gujarat
  • Click on “Get land record rural” option
  • Select the ‘Revenue Case Details’ option from the dropdown listing
  • Enter crucial details, including District, Village, Taluka, and Survey/Block Number
  • Type the CAPTCHA accurately
  • Click on ‘Get Record Detail’ to get the info online

How to Submit Application By AnyROR Gujarat?

Applicants can post an online application to the Gujarat state sales branch to acquire an industrial purpose certificate, the permission of non-cultivation with non-cultivation premium, non-agricultural permission, permission to purchase land, permission to pay a premium, town survey work-related permission, identify deed-related permission, and permission related to the land survey. To get better knowledge, here are steps to follow

  • Go to the Anyror Gujarat website.
  • Go to the top menu and pick “Online Application.”
  • Select the first option when developing a new program, then choose the only that best fits the application’s purpose.
  • Select the district, village, etc.
  • Enter information for the New Application, which includes the e-mail address of the applicant, contact number, and the whole captcha.
  • Input OTP, validate it, and then submit the application.

The online application will then be released through Anyror after those strategies are finished.

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Land information is an important document to keep possession and keep a report of real estate transactions. The document of rights, survey information, and belongings tax revenues are a number of the other crucial information in land records.

The AnyROR Gujarat Portal offers various services for extracting land information in both urban and rural places i.E AnyROR rural land records and AnyROR urban land records. The survey number, area, owner, possession pattern, and so forth. Are all protected in these 7/12 Utara Gujarat online info. Through the “Integrated Online Revenue Applications (IORA) portal,” the AnyROR Gujarat government also accepts online applications for numerous services.

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