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Meebhoomi is an online portal launched by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh that holds digitized land information. The portal allows citizens to get access to land-related or ownership information every time and everywhere. Meebhoomi Adangal is an indispensable part of the portal that is issued by the Tahsildar and sponsored by the village administrator.

Adangal affords good enough information just like the landowner’s name, Khata range, total land, soil classification and more to people selling or buying land in Andhra Pradesh.

On the other hand, Meebhoomi 1b displays the possession information of a given asset. The 1b document is one of a type for each village and mainly incorporates the seller’s info. Moreover, the 1b report is an important report that enables individuals availing of a home loan or is required in court cases. Furthermore, people can also realize whether the land they’re looking for is mortgaged or not.

What is the Meebhoomi AP Portal?

The Meebhoomi AP Portal serves because of the Andhra Pradesh Land Information registry, installed by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in June 2015. Managed by the Department of Revenue, Meebhoomi is an entirely digital system that aims to facilitate online access to land information for residents. Currently, the MeebhumiAP portal gives complete information on Andhra Pradesh land information, encompassing info together with tenancy, crop information, water assets, soil type, location check, land possession, and liabilities. Users can also check MeebhoomiAdangal land information, Meebhoomi1b and village maps through the MeebhoomiAP site.

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Services Under Meebhoomi

The Meebhoomi online portal, begun by the State Government of AP, gives various helpful services to the landowners and public. The landowners can easily check their land related information on this portal:

  • Download Adangal.
  • Download 1-b (Record of Right).
  • View Aadhaar linking with land information.
  • View village maps.
  • View the electronic passbook.
  • View land conversion details.
  • View discipline measurement book.
  • View information on sales court cases and courtroom information.

How To Download The ROR 1B online form?

Meebhoomi AP 1B is essential information associated with land possession. It is  referred to as 1B, Adangal and Pahani. It serves as a revenue report that includes comprehensive data about land holdings, possession information, cultivation details, and different applicable information. Here is step by step guide to follow to download 1b online form-

  • Visit the website of Meebhoomi AP by using clicking on the https://meebhoomi.Ap.Gov.In/
  • Navigate to the menu section on the homepage and tap on 1B.
  • Now, you need to select between downloading 1B and village 1B.
  • On the following webpage, fill in all the information like Aadhar range, account variety, and survey number.
  • Next, pick your village, district, and region.
  • Carefully check all of the information and the full captcha.
  • After verification, submit the form.
  • Your ROR 1B form may be generated on the screen. Now, you have to click on the download button to download it.

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How To Check Maps at the Meebhoomi AP Portal?

If you need to check maps of your village, then follow the steps-

  • Visit the website of Meebhoomi AP, by clicking at the https://meebhoomi.Ap.Gov.In/.
  • On the homepage, navigate to the “Your Adangal” phase.
  • Under the “Your Adangal” section, you will find the labeled “Your Village Adangal” or comparable. Click on it.
  • On the following web page, provide info to get access to the maps. Provide the required information includes District, Mandal, Village, and Survey Number.
  • After entering all essential info, pick the survey number for that you want to check the map. You also can enter the Aadhaar number or owner’s name to look for the survey number.
  • Once you select the survey number, click on the “View Map” button to generate the map.
  • The map might be displayed at the display related to the chosen survey number.
  • You can zoom in, zoom out, pan, and toggle distinct layers on the map.
  • You also can check the additional details such as land limitations, neighboring land parcels, and land use classifications at the map.
  • If you need, you can also save or print the map for future use.
  • Ensure that the map correctly represents the land parcel associated with the selected survey number. Verify the bounds, dimensions, and other applicable info to verify its accuracy.

Benefits of Meebhoomi AP

The advantages of Meebhoomi Andhra Pradesh cross past simplifying techniques, extending to numerous factors of land management:

  • Ease of Access: You can view land data with Meebhumi online from any place. This convenience of checking AP land information online means you do not need to visit authorities’ offices, saving effort and time.
  • Encumbrance and Ownership Certificates: The platform makes getting critical prison documents like encumbrance certificates and possession certificates easy. This approach less office work and faster access to essential information.
  • Transparency: The portal substantially reduces risk of land disputes. It does this by presenting particular and available data about land possession and information.
  • Regular Updates: Meebhumi AP is regularly updated, making sure you have the latest information about your land.
  • Error Correction Facility: If there are errors in your land information, Meebhumi offers an easier way to get them corrected, making sure accuracy to your land-associated documentation.
  • Information on Government Schemes: The platform also provides updates and information on numerous government schemes associated with land and agriculture, assisting landowners to live knowledgeable and take advantage of those schemes.


MeebhoomiAP is an online portal installed by Andhra Pradesh authorities to provide easy access to land information and related services for the citizens of Andhra Pradesh. This platform gives quite a number of services, which includes access to land information, digital passbooks, Aadhaar linking, village maps, and land conversion details.

 Users can obtain information which include MeebhoomiAdangal and Meebhoomi1B information, permitting them to confirm land attributes and facilitate various transactions, including land purchases and securing bank loans.

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